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Moses, pug with a positive outlook…

Pet Passions: He loves the basics: food, sleep, and affection. He’s an avid sailer (see photos below), loves long walks, car rides and networking at the Pug Meetups. Pet Peeves: When the kitty bugs him while he’s trying to get some serious sack time. Doorbells make him crazy, as he is determined to protect his […]

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Pickles, is just pickles…

Pet Passions: Sleeping, especially when he’s sleeping on top of his sister, Salem Pet Peeves: Sprinklers, gusts of wind, and being told no. Breed: PugAge (at time of photo session): 14weeks Story: (a work in progress…)Big or tall, fat or small, Pickles wil play with them all! Pickles is an adorable Pug puppy who loves […]

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Elvis Pugsley, the king…

See larger image. (his greeting card) Pet Passions: Snuggling, tomatoes, swimming pools (see photo) and having the top of his tail scratched. Pet Peeves: Having his feet touched, flies in the house, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, wet grass and getting up early. Breed: PugAge (at the time of photo session): 2 years Story: Elvis Pugsley, a.k.a. […]

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