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Entrepreneur.com – Entrepreneurs Flourish in Austin, Texas

Michelle Anton, blogger for WomenEntrepreneur.com, has awesome taste in greeting cards! Entrepreneurs Flourish In Austin, Texas as seen in www.womenentrepreneur.com written by Michelle Anton When I told my daughter that Austin must be doing something right, she said, “Austin Powers?” Once I stopped laughing I was able to share stories about a few new business […]

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Stationery Trends Magazine – Premiere Issue

Verysupercool cards are prominently featured in the premiere issue of Stationery Trends Magazine, a hip, new trade publication that focuses on greeting cards, gifts, and all things stationery! Stationery Trends Magazine will be making it’s big debut at the National Stationery Show next week and we’re so excited to be a part of it! Shades […]

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Green Printer ranks Verysupercool #1

Thank you Green Printer for ranking Verysupercool #1! We really appreciate being appreciated! Seven Ways Business is Green-ing Our World: One paper product at a time The big names cannot help but pump out more sustainable paper products on an almost weekly basis. From biology college textbooks gone green to carbon friendly greeting cards, we’ve […]

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Going Bonkers for Whole Foods Market!

Bonkers, one of our most popular cards, is now larger than life at the Whole Foods Market flagship store! We are so excited to unveil our new Verysupercool display, which has Bonkers keeping a watch over the freshly groomed and recently expanded pet aisle. Whole Foods has done an amazing job of repackaging the entire […]

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