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Eliot, the intellectual golden…

Pet Passions: Water and tennis balls. Tennis balls and water! Oh, and of course rough housing with his much younger brother Morgan, and swimming every chance he can get! Pet Peeves: When it’s raining and we can’t play outside. Breed: Golden Retriever Age (at time of photo session): 10 years

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Rookie, the most famous dog dancer…

This is my all time favorite dog video! It’s hard to understand how watching these two dance can make you feel so good inside. I think it’s because the dog looks so incredibly happy and you can tell how much they love each other. I think this is circa 2003, but I don’t know for […]

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Buster, the uncle…

See larger image. (his greeting card) Pet Peeves: So much love to give, so little time to give it!Pet Passions: Play wrestling with his buddies, Tag, Natalie, Cheerio, Daisy, Boodles, and Caroline. Breed: Golden RetrieverAge (at the time of photo session): 14 yearsStory: Buster was adopted at age twelve through Gold Ribbon Rescue of Central […]

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See larger image. (his greeting card) Pet Passions: still to comePet Peeves: still to comeBreed: Golden RetrieverAge (at the time of photo session): 5 yearsStory: still to come Buy his greeting card!

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