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Latina Golden Retriever Loves To Salsa

I am a sucker for dog dancing videos. The first one I posted on my site was also a golden retriever. Rookie made his debut several years ago and was probably the first canine freestyle video that really made the rounds. Most people don’t realize that the WCFO, World Canine Freestyle Organization, even exists. Can […]

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Moses, pug with a positive outlook…

Pet Passions: He loves the basics: food, sleep, and affection. He’s an avid sailer (see photos below), loves long walks, car rides and networking at the Pug Meetups. Pet Peeves: When the kitty bugs him while he’s trying to get some serious sack time. Doorbells make him crazy, as he is determined to protect his […]

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Mini, the poodle evangelist…

Pet Passions: Prancing along the hike and bike trail, sleeping on fluffy blankets, and pulling all the stuffing out of plush toys! Pet Peeves: Baths, loud noises, and little kids who try to pick her up. Breed: Toy Poodle Age (at time of photo session): 4 years Story: Mini is a very sweet 10 pound […]

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Henrietta, the freestyle dancer…

Ya just gotta love a dancing dachshund, it’s just too cute! My brother made me promise that I wasn’t about to join the dog dancing circuit with my doxie. I told him he didn’t have to worry, neither Martin nor I have any talent like this. It looks like fun, but I could never pull […]

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Rookie, the most famous dog dancer…

This is my all time favorite dog video! It’s hard to understand how watching these two dance can make you feel so good inside. I think it’s because the dog looks so incredibly happy and you can tell how much they love each other. I think this is circa 2003, but I don’t know for […]

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