Green Printer ranks Verysupercool #1

Thank you Green Printer for ranking Verysupercool #1! We really appreciate being appreciated!

Seven Ways Business is Green-ing Our World: One paper product at a time

The big names cannot help but pump out more sustainable paper products on an almost weekly basis. From biology college textbooks gone green to carbon friendly greeting cards, we’ve rounded up the top seven green papier goods that caught our eye.

1. Verysupercool (yes, that is their real and uber-funky name) teams with to create the Greenest Little Greeting Card in Texas. So, even while the mythical paperless office lures us with its green goodness, we still use and love our paper – printed on both sides, thankyouverymuch.

Read the entire article and see the other 6 products listed!

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1,257 Responses to Green Printer ranks Verysupercool #1

  1. Meghan June 2, 2008 at 9:24 am #

    Hooray for the greenest greeting cards!!!! Congrats verysupercool!

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