Lucy-Lu, the lovely little lady…


Pet Passions: Chasing birds and squirrels, long walks, snuggling anytime, any where, but preferably in someone’s lap, ANY lap!

Pet Peeves: Loud people, loud and high pitched noises and singing up close. She really doesn’t like it if someone tries to sing a Whitney Houston song to her, especially “I Will Always Love You”. It makes her a little crazy!

Breed: Dachshund Mix

Age (at time of photo session): 1.5 years

Story: Little Lucy was dropped off at the Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, Texas because the owners thought she was pregnant and didn’t want to deal with puppies. Turns out, little Lucy was just a little on the chunky side, and not pregnant at all! (some people, eh?) The great volunteers at Central Texas Dachshund Rescue got Lucy out of the shelter and into their care as soon as they heard about her. CTDR paid for Lucy to be spayed and get a full medical check up. Then they put her on a little diet and hooked her up with a foster family. Now look at this beautiful brindle sweetheart!


Lucy was our tenth foster dog since we became members of and she was a joy to have around. Such a submissive easy going lady, very low maintenance and low profile! : ) Captain, our other foster, and Lucy loved to wrestle and play together, and it was always very entertaining. (video snippet to come)

Little Miss Lucy Lu was adopted today! YEAH! She left in her new matching harness and leash and we were told she was going to be dressed up and ready for her first day in the office with her new Mommy tomorrow! Yeah for Lucy, the littlest lobbyist!!!

We think Lucy is Verysupercool and we’re so happy she found a great new home. Captain will miss her, but he still has Martin to pick on, I mean play with, until he finds a new family to care for him. Lucy, we will always love you!

Be sure to check back to see more photos of Lucy sporting some of her summer outfits, or maybe just hard at work in the office.

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  1. diane April 22, 2008 at 8:22 am #

    I LOVE your site. It has such a playful feel about it.

  2. Lyndon Rosa November 12, 2008 at 5:59 pm #


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