Mini, the poodle evangelist…


Pet Passions: Prancing along the hike and bike trail, sleeping on fluffy blankets, and pulling all the stuffing out of plush toys!

Pet Peeves: Baths, loud noises, and little kids who try to pick her up.

Breed: Toy Poodle

Age (at time of photo session): 4 years

Story: Mini is a very sweet 10 pound toy poodle. Yes, she appears to be a bit of a prissy little thing, but she didn’t always sport this fancy do. She recently had a makeover and seems to have settled into her new look quite naturally. (Check out Mini in her wilder days in the video and photos below.) Miss Mini moved to Austin from the land of sleet and snow and has been enjoying the mild winters here in Texas. She likes to take long walks around Lady Bird Lake, and loves the attention when little kids come up to her and pet her ever so gently. But if those little kids try to pick her up, Mini lets them no that’s not an option!


Mini might look frail, but she’s a very athletic little pooch. Check out “Mini’s Holiday Adventure” video (Xmas 2005) below where she wears a stylish winter outfit while romping in the snow!

EVEN MORE ABOUT MINI… Mini’s a very social little dog, which isn’t surprising as her parents are way into social media. Check out their blog!

They’ve written two great books and have a large following in the marketing industry. It goes without saying that they are avid bloggers, as you can see by this piece about Mini’s new shoes: Baby’s got a new pair of shoes.
I must admit, she looks quite fetching in those pink and silver booties!

mini photo 4

I personally like the photo of her right after her bath. There’s just something about that expression on a wet dog. Click the link below see more photos of Mini back when she let her hair get a little on the wild side


More Mini Photos

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967 Responses to Mini, the poodle evangelist…

  1. Willie Bee February 20, 2008 at 10:22 am #

    What a great pooch! I love the video too. The new website looks awesome, Sue.

    I’m sending this over to Maggie…

  2. bev vandegrift February 20, 2008 at 2:19 pm #

    My daughter and I really enjoyed reading about Mini. And your greeting cards are awesome and have inspired my daughter to create bios of our own dogs (two of three of which were rescued!). Looking forward to meeting more of your treasures!

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