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I really like your cards and I don’t even have a dog! They aren’t frilly so I can use them for business thank you cards. Everyone is green conscious these days so it’s an added plus that they are recycled too.

Ted Neible, Customer

* * *

Dog lovers love these cards and our sales show everyone must love dogs! The sentiment inside each card is very thoughtful. I especially love the story about the dog that’s included. The extra bonus is when you see on the back that the card is “green”! Customers love knowing that they’re helping the Earth AND getting a cool card.

Sherry Brown, Buyer, Breed & Company

* * *

When I saw the senior golden greeting card in Whole Foods it caught my eye because it looked just like my golden Eliot! I send these lovely and inspirational cards out all the time for all kinds of different occasions. I’m so glad I discovered them because I really enjoy sharing them with friends and family.

Lila Carl, Customer

* * *

Anyone who has ever looked into their dog’s eyes and fallen in love, will love Verysupercool cards. These are great cards for every dog lover and for every occasion.

Jennifer Gay, Gifts Buyer, BookPeople

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I bought one of your cards yesterday at the Crescent Lake Lodge in the Olympic National Park, WA. How wonderful… Being a dog lover, I was in tears reading all the cards there…I hope you have continued success…

Ruth Brown, Customer

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When card vendors approach Eco-Wise, the first question I always ask them is what percentage of post consumer waste paper do you use? Historically, finding 100% pcw greeting cards has been far from easy. To my surprise most reps do not seem to know what PCW refers to or recycled verses recyclable. Sue, with Verysupercool cards, was the first rep to promote her cards as using 100% pcw paper while printing a color photograph using soy-based inks! Along with a beautiful color image the message from Verysupercool promotes mutual respect for animals, people and the planet in a creative and unique way.

At Eco-Wise our mission is to research and promote the most ethically responsible products available, so Sue’s cards are perfect. We’ve been carrying Verysupercool cards since 2005 and it’s no surprise that they are very popular.

Amy Holland, Co-Owner, Eco-Wise

* * *

Every card is a piece of art in itself!” I love dogs; they are totally devoted- and Verysupercool’s cards carry this message.

Chuck Sack, Customer

* * *

Whole Foods Market is all about supporting growing green businesses. Verysupercool not only prints on 100% post consumer waste paper, but they also plant trees and buy carbon offsets which reflects our whole philosophy. Our customers love dogs and they love green, so it’s no wonder that they love Verysupercool cards!

Marisa Love, Card Buyer, Whole Foods Market

* * *

Your cards and dogs are the coolest! I especially love the quotes inside. Good luck in your endeavors.

Jean Bierwirth, Customer

* * *

Even though I’m a devoted cat worshipper, I can’t deny that the dogs of Verysupercool cards are awesome! I also love the bright colors of the photos and that they are an excellent locally made product.

Niki Nash,Buyer, Wheatsville Food Coop

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