Hot Off The Press!

We’re very happy to announce our first collection of Holiday cards this year! Because of the late date these cards are only available at the locations listed below and at the new Verysupercool online store.


The new holiday cards are available at these Austin locations: Lofty Dog, Just for Pets, Urban Living, Casa De Luz and both Whole Food Markets. (We’ll update if more stores are added to the list. Many stores carry the Verysupercool cards, but the Holiday cards are only in stores for a limited time.)

AND…they will all be available from December 14 -23 at Keep Austin Bizarre Christmas Bazaar located at the Palmer Auditorium! You’ll find them at the Bark for Peace booth along with tons of other natural toys and organic treats for your dog! (If you’ve been to the Armadillo Christmas Bizarre one too many times, try the Keep Austin Bizarre event for more local items that you can’t find any where else!)

If you’re not in Austin, you can visit our brand new online store! Just click “Buy Verysupercool Cards!”

To see the dogs featured on the ten new cards, just click on “Dogs featured on Holiday Cards” in the right hand column. You can read the story (also on the back of each card) about Clifford, Rebound, Cassidy, Shelby, Hazel, Bouncer, Joey, Gizmo and Alvin. All of these dogs were rescued and given a second chance. We love them all!

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