Joey, the sensitive sighthound…

See larger image. (his greeting card)


Pet Passions: Crawling deep under the covers in Mom and Dad’s bed and jumping around on his hind legs like he’s on a pogo stick!

Pet Peeves: When the squeaky part of the squeaky toy stops squeaking.

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Age (at the time of photo session): 3 years


Story: Sweet Joey was going to be put to sleep in a Wichita Falls shelter because he had a badly broken leg and nobody wanted to adopt him. Thanks to Italian Greyhound Club of America Rescue, Joey was rescued, given the medical care he needed and adopted into his loving family. Joey is a happy boy who has lots of energy and is often seen bouncing around on his hind legs like a kangaroo!

He plays in bursts, then takes power naps – he’s hysterical to watch! IG’s are very sweet creatures that make wonderful indoor companions.

Visit IGCA,, for more information about Italian Greyhound Rescue and how you can help. We love Joey and think he’s Verysupercool!


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