Gizmo, CBO – Chief Barking Officer…

See larger image. (his greeting card)


Pet Passions: Chicken fajitas, brown rice/vegetable medley, squeaky toys and burying anything he can get his paws on!

Pet Peeves: Itchy skin and bad haircuts. (see front of card!)

Breed: Terrier and Koala Bear? (see photo in “even more about Gizzy” below)

Age (at the time of photo session): 14 years

Gizzy (back of card image)

Story on card: Gizmo is a … well, we don’t know what Gizmo is exactly, but we do know he’s a very handsome boy who loves the ladies! Gizmo, a.k.a. Gizzy, Mr. Moo and Grandpa, attributes his youthful appearance to staying active while living a low stress lifestyle. He still enjoys long walks and has a passion for squeaky toys, just as he did as a young pup. Gizzy, the Zen master, shares his home and lives in harmony with several kitties.

Although officially retired, this senior keeps his mind active as well. He goes to work almost every day at a very happening local Austin ad agency. He loves to be included in brain storming sessions and always has something to say. Mr. Gizmo is one Verysupercool dog!


Where does Gizzy actually work? Well, where culture and commerce collide of course! The hippest ad agency in Austin Texas, Mercury Mambo! Gizzy, one of the original founders, has been involved in all aspects of this growing company. He’s the one that employees come to when they are stressed out and just need someone to listen.Check out the similarity between Gizzy and this Koala bear! (especially around the nose) Could they be related?Gizzy and Koala

Gizzy and Verysupercool go WAAAY back! Before Verysupercool greetings even launched the company, Gizzy was one of the first models for Verysupercool and his image was used as an early prototype. The first Warhol was of course the Scooby Warhol (2003), featuring our bad boy Scooby-doo. In April 2004 we designed a Gizzy Warhol for note cards and a coffee mug! See both below.Gizzy and Scooby were great friends!


We’re so glad that Gizzy lives in the ‘hood and we get to see him almost every day, he’s part of our extended family. Grampa Gizmo is a sweet old man and we love him very much!

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