Luke, the energetic senior…


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Breed: Boxer

Age (at time of photo session): 10 years

Story: (a work in progress)I spotted Luke at the Sunset Valley’s Farmer’s Market one Saturday morning. He caught my eye because he was such a healthy, happy looking dog with such an old, old face. I knew that boxer’s usually don’t get very old, so when I found out that he was going on 12 years, I was very impressed.It was great spending time with Luke today. He’s a sweet, sweet boy. Luke has pancreatitis and has been on a very strict diet for years, perhaps that has something to do with his longevity?Anyway, it was really fun to play with him and get to know him. He acted like a puppy and he’s still as strong as a horse! It’s always feels so good to see dogs this old that are living such amazing lives! Luke has some damn good parents!Boxers make great dogs, but they need lots of exercise to be healthy, happy dogs like Luke.

Check out for more infomation about boxers.These two photos are from our October 26th photo session with Luke.Luke gets vocal!

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16 Responses to Luke, the energetic senior…

  1. lisa knaggs November 10, 2007 at 5:44 pm #

    What a handsome boy- and he’s barkin’ for peace!

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