Clifford, goofball, zenmaster and loyal companion…

See larger image. (his greeting card)


Pet Passions: Being helpful, meditation, anything involving water and more squeaky toys please!!!

Pet Peeves: Extra long board meetings. (He’s known for his long expressive sighs.)

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age (at the time of photo session): 3 years


Story on card: Texas Hearing and Service Dogs adopted Clifford from the Town Lake Animal Center in Austin, Texas. He was smart and eager to please and they thought he just might make a great Service Dog. THSD is a wonderful non-profit organization that trains dogs and matches them with individuals with physical disabilities who need assistance with day to day activities. His new partner says, “Clifford teaches me every day how to live in the moment. I haven’t had him for that long, but I can already tell that he has made me stronger. He’s all business when we are out, but when we’re hanging at home, he’s just my goofy, silly dog.” To donate or sponsor a specific Service Dog in training, just visit We think that all Service Dogs are Verysupercool, but Clifford definitely takes the cake!


Clifford lives in Wimberly, Texas. He was quite a famous dog even BEFORE he became a Verysupercool model. He has been on T.V., included in press conferences, and been featured on giant posters in the Austin airport! If you ever get to meet him, you will fall in love!

Buy his greeting card!

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