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Pet Passions: Being a therapy dog and cuddling on the couch with Tinky the cat.

Pet Peeves: As long as someone is petting me, I have no complaints!

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Age (at the time of photo session): 9 years


Story: Thanks to Australian Shepherd Rescue, beautiful Shelby was given a second chance and now brings joy to many. Her new owner realized she was very smart and great with people so she enrolled her at Therapy Pet Pals of Texas. Shelby is now a certified Therapy Dog and loves to meet new people. It’s easy to see how looking into those eyes and petting her gorgeous coat would be therapeutic for anyone. For more information about therapy dogs please visit Residents who are normally withdrawn will often start opening up and talking of the pets they have known and loved after a visit from Shelby.

EVEN MORE ABOUT SHELBY … still to come!

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