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Verysupercool reviewed at the National Stationery Show


And the show (coverage) goes on.

The National Stationery Show is one of the more notable markets for finding fresh faces and fresh ideas. Truly, this is an industry niche that must continually reinvent itself in order to survive in a world gone “tech.” And when we consider that it not only meets the technology challenge head on, but continually draws in new talent as well – we would surely put the stationery category up there with the top contenders on the gift industry’s creative short list.

While it’s true the paper category is a bit easier for a newcomer to enter – it’s not quite as expensive to produce paper and printing samples as, say, ceramics, glassware, or even textiles – we still have to give credit to the ingenuity and creativity brought to the table.

A large majority of those “fresh faces” we met last week might have been new to the show, but in many cases the talent they brought with them had been finely tuned in other industries. If we heard it once, we heard it over and again: “I thought it was time for me to start doing this for myself.” Yes, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the stationery biz!

Fresh Faces, Well-seasoned Talent

Another show newcomer, Austin, Texas based VerySuperCool has only been in business six months, but the company’s unique cards already have placement in some 50 stores. The greeting cards feature rescue dogs – there are 40 all told – that company owners Sue Rostvold and Allan Little “know personally.” They photograph the dogs that are pictured on the cards, which are printed on 100 percent, recycled paper.


Interestingly, many of the outlets that carry the VerySuperCool line are hardware stores; chief among them Ace Hardware – which speaks volumes about how diverse the industry’s distribution channels have become.

by Carline Kennedy and Maria Weiskott

Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine

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