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Pet Peeves: All those irritating step-sisters.

Pet Passions: Snack treats and kayaking.

Breed: Chihuahua & Jack Russell Terrier?

Age: (at the time of photo session): 14 years

Story: Sprout was found with a back foot missing when she just a few weeks old. Animal Trustees of Austin took her in and gave her the medical care she urgently needed. ATA is a great nonprofit animal welfare organization whose volunteers help lost, abused , and abandoned animals get medical treatment and find loving homes. Sprout’s leg was removed and she was placed in foster care for two years until she was finally adopted into her new permanent home. She has been a healthy, happy, very active member of her family for over twelve years.Sprout, now a senior, still works full time as the official greeter at a dog grooming shop. She is happiest when she’s with her mom on the kayak. Sprout positions herself at the bow, always wears her life vest, and looks very, very important!

EVEN MORE ABOUT SPROUT … still to come!

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