Hershey, sweet as chocolate…

See larger image. (his greeting card)


Pet Passions: Snuggling, squirrel chasing, and playing with his brother Snoop (a Black Lab).

Pet Peeves: Thunderstorms and fireworks.

Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Age (at the time of photo session): 7 years

Hershey and his brother were adopted through Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. There are many wonderful nonprofit Lab rescue organizations throughout the country that have lovable Labs of all ages that are waiting to find new families. Hershey was already five years old when he found his new loving home. Labs aren’t perfect though, and it seems Hershey has a bit of a shoe fetish. He almost always has a shoe in his mouth. He never chews them up, but they sometimes get soggy. Every year his parents throw a big Snooper Bowl party and all his canine friends come and play. Hershey has the sweetest disposition and the most delicious personality!


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