Bonkers, the drooler…

See larger photo of Bonker’s  bulldog greeting card


Pet Peeves: Having his ears cleaned, and those despicable paper towel rolls.

Pet Passions: Food, water, children, yoga, and Pica Chu (a huge stuffed toy that is as round as he is.)

Breed: English Bulldog

Age (at the time of photo session): 9 months

Bulldog Profile

Story: At 9 months and sixty pounds, Bonkers definitely turns heads. He’s full of personality and sports a very impressive under bite that is best appreciated in profile.He goes absolutely bonkers for water and has proven that he can’t be trusted near public fountains. Food and people (children especially) are his real passion – he has never met a food or person that he did not love. When Bonkers encounters children, he immediately bows down and lays at their feet!


We loved meeting and photographing Bonkers, although we had to mop the floors after he left our house! He is a major drooler, but we didn’t care. Allan was scratching his butt in the photo of Bonker’s that ended up being a greeting card, that’s how we got him to stay put. The pose was his idea though. He’s a funny looking boy!Some friends of Bonker’s took his greeting card to her classroom and has the kids do their best to draw Bonkers. Below is one of my favorites:bonkers-blog2.jpg

(buy Bonker’s greeting card)

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