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33_md_rugs.jpgPet Passions:French kissing, belly rubs, and road trips.Pet Peeves: Not being able to speak in complete sentences.Breed: Old English Sheepdog & Wheaten Terrier ?Age (at the time of photo session): 1 yearStory: Rugs was adopted from the Baytown Humane Society when he was just a pup. No one’s certain, but we think he’s part Sheepdog, part Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and part snuggle bunny.Rugs loves getting his belly rubbed while lounging in a warm lap. And he’s crazy about going anywhere in the car. He hangs out the window with the wind in his face and smiles at everyone that passes by.In addition to his name, he answers to Boo, Rugsy, and Mr. Yummy (a reference to his scrumptious personality). Although he hasn’t been formally trained, Rugs is a great therapy dog. Just being in his presence makes people feel better. One look into those yummy eyes, and you’re in heaven.

EVEN MORE ABOUT RUGS … Still to come!

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