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38_md_dash.jpgPet Passions: Frisbees, tennis balls, the park, the pool, and garlic. Pet Peeves: When other dogs steal his frisbee or tennis ball.Breed: Belgian TervurenAge (at the time of photo session): 5 years Story: This breed, in the sheepdog family, is known for their intelligence, loyalty and elegance, and Dash is no exception. He is an amazing listener. You can tell his brain is processing words as you talk. Dash knows about 50 phrases and is always learning more.Dash doesn’t know any tricks, but he will happily jump hurdles, roll over, crawl, back up, say please (one paw raised), sit pretty (sit on his haunches), or go find anything you’d like him to.Don’t say frisbee around Dash unless you mean it. He could run, jump, and fly through the air catching the frisbee all day long if you let him. He really likes the outdoors and is always ready for a hike. However, hikers aren’t always ready for him. Dash looks so natural in the woods that he’s been mistaken for a wolf on more than one occasion.

EVEN MORE ABOUT DASH … still to come!

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