Buster, the uncle…

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36_md_buster.jpgPet Peeves: So much love to give, so little time to give it!Pet Passions: Play wrestling with his buddies, Tag, Natalie, Cheerio, Daisy, Boodles, and Caroline. Breed: Golden RetrieverAge (at the time of photo session): 14 yearsStory: Buster was adopted at age twelve through Gold Ribbon Rescue of Central Texas, one of many great non-profit organizations in the U.S. that ensure Goldens, young and old, find loving homes. They also work with foster families to help take care of dogs until they are adopted. Because of Gold Ribbon Rescue, Buster’s last years were truely heaven on earth. His new family had six other Goldens, of all ages, that he loved to play with everyday. Foster puppies kept Buster young at heart and he took it upon himself to play “uncle,” patiently teaching them how to play, wrestle and act silly. Buster was always gentle with the smaller dogs, aka “the girls,” and they in turn realized that he was unsteady on his hips. They carefully handicapped themselves so that Buster wouldn’t fall. As the girls grew bigger, the wrestling got wilder with lots of growling and pretend-monster-faces. Buster was a Verysupercool boy and is dearly missed.

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