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Austin Company Launches Greeting Card Line

AUSTIN, TX – November 8, 2005 – Have you ever gazed deep into the eyes of your beloved canine and thought, “If only I could do this all day long…” It’s easy to see how many pet owners become emotionally attached to their loving companions. Millions of Americans, a staggering 68 million, consider their dogs to be a very important part of their family, so it’s no wonder that products for and about dogs is a steadily growing industry. However, few products on the market can really depict the soul of a canine with dignity and grace. That is, until now. Austin-based company, Verysupercool, has artfully captured the essence and soul of many dogs through photography. Today, Verysupercool announces the availability of their new line of greeting cards bearing these incredibly lovable images.

From Grief, the Genesis of a Great Idea
The greeting card line is the dream project of the husband and wife team Allan Little and Sue Rostvold, who, when their beloved dog Scooby passed away, found themselves searching for the proper way to memorialize him. Losing Scooby was hard for them, and through sharing with friends, they realized that others also found it difficult to offer comfort over the loss of a pet. When several friends also lost pets, Sue began to make her own greeting cards using photos of the beloved pets. Rather than saying “deepest sympathy,” Sue included meaningful quotes that she thought, had a more universal appeal. The cards brought smiles to many, and soon, Sue began creating a variety of fun cards with quotes for all occasions.

“Realizing the mortality of our own dogs made us really want to capture their soulful gazes for ourselves,” says Allan Little of Verysupercool. “Sue has always enjoyed making cards for friends and family, and we decided to turn that passion into a business.”

The cards brought together Sue’s many loves and talents, from her printing and photography experience to her love for dogs and poignant quotes. “I never imagined I could combine all the things I love into a new career,” offers Sue Rostvold.

Real Dogs that Belong to Real People
There are plenty of cards on the market that feature pets in funny costumes and silly situations. Verysupercool wanted their cards to be more natural, and to focus more on the uniqueness of each dog. Sue and Allan knew it was possible to capture the soulful expression of their own dogs, and by using patience and treats, they found they could capture the spirit of other dogs as well. They began approaching different dog owners around Austin, photographing their dogs and developing the product line.

“Every dog is unique and each one belongs to a family. I didn’t want the images to have a generic feel to them. And, while purebred dogs are gorgeous, I didn’t want to exclude dogs that are mixed breeds, or mutts,” adds Sue. “Each dog’s face is so different and so full of expression. Capturing that expression is the goal, not just featuring a specific breed.”

Keeping It Green
Sue and Allan wanted to offer a product that was both beautiful and earth-friendly. After finding out the industry standard for paper to be considered recycled is that it contain only 30 percent post consumer waste, they knew they could and should do better. Verysupercool uses New Leaf Everest, a superior, fine art quality and 100 percent consumer waste paper. New Leaf Paper was the first to manufacture an acid-free, white paper, processed chlorine free and made entirely from paper that has already been used and returned through a recycling program, thereby diverting it from a landfill or incinerator.

Available in Austin and other parts of the US
Verysupercool cards have been on the market since September. Currently, the cards are being sold at the following locations in Austin: Breed & Co., Wheatsville Co-Op, Moxie and the Compound, Eco-Wise, Casa de Luz and Sparks. In San Antonio: Barking Friends, and at stores in Santa Barbara, CA, Denver and Chicago.

About Verysupercool
Based in Austin, Texas, Verysupercool is a greeting card company that loves animals and cares about the environment. Begun by Sue Rostvold and Allan Little, the company is focused on taking fun, yet dignified dog portraits that capture the soulful gaze and personality of each dog. Each card is printed on 100% recycled fine art paper, contains an inspirational quote, and can be used for any occasion.


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