Cody, the tongue…

cody-face.jpgPet Passions: Squeaky toys.Pet Peeves: Hot weather and pesky squirrelsBreed: Border CollieAge (at time of photo session): 4 yearsStory: (a work in progress…)MORE ABOUT CODY…We had a blast hanging out with Cody on one hot August afternoon. The problem is, that tongues don’t always translate real well into cute doggy greeting cards. We had the air conditioning turned down to the 60’s and the fans were blowing like a Sport’s Illustrated photo shoot, but we couldn’t keep Cody’s tongue in his mouth very well. We gave him ice cubes to try to cool him down. It was very challenging. Below are some of the tonguey images.cody-tongue1.jpgcody-tongue2.jpgcody-tongue3.jpgcody-tongue4.jpgcody-tongue5.jpgcody-tongue6.jpgHere’s a pretty good photo with his mouth closed, finally!cody-color.jpg

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