Elvis Pugsley, the king…

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Pet Passions: Snuggling, tomatoes, swimming pools (see photo) and having the top of his tail scratched.

Pet Peeves: Having his feet touched, flies in the house, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, wet grass and getting up early.

Breed: PugAge (at the time of photo session): 2 years

Story: Elvis Pugsley, a.k.a. LV, the king, boobah, snorts, nibbles and tough guy, was rescued from his previous owner who was too wrapped up in her 16 cats to care for him properly. He was in horrible condition and it took his new Mom over 3 months to get his health and his hair back! Even when he was down and out, he had a wonderful personality that could melt you “like butter”! LV loves to be the center of attention and be out in public whenever possible. Elvis has won several costume contests around Austin. His most recent was for his Willie Nelson outfit, the category was “Most Austin-tatious” and Elvis won hands down! He’s a Verysupercool boy and we’re so glad to have met him!



MORE ABOUT THE KING…Elvis’s Mom Keyea says, ” He´s a wonderful dog and I can´t imagine my life with out him. He´s the reason I´ve been able to live happily without a TV in my house for so many years. ” Verysupercool would have to agree. We’ve had the please of having Elvis at our house for an afternoon and he is definitely a natural entertainer. He’s a natural poser, just look at his standard couch pose.

Here’s a little video Elvis’s grandfather whipped up for YouTube, ENJOY!

Elvis was smuggled into Costa Rica!!! Well, not really smuggled, but he was flying very low key. Elvis’s Mom went to Costa Rica to learn Spanish, go to school and work. Well, she couldn’t leave the country without her boy. I’m still waiting on some good photos of Elvis enjoying himself on the beach or in the rain forest, so stay tuned!

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1,643 Responses to Elvis Pugsley, the king…

  1. Angela Mitchell March 1, 2008 at 7:37 pm #

    Hi! My name is Angela and I also have a pug named Elvis Pugsley too! My pug baby is two years old!

  2. Verysupercool Sue March 2, 2008 at 10:51 pm #

    Hi Angela,

    That’s so cool that you have a Pug with the same name. Will you upload his picture and his story to our new Dogs Are Verysupercool Flickr site? That would be awesome!!!! You can find the link in our ABOUT page, but I’ll attach it here as well. http://www.flickr.com/groups/verysupercooldogs/

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